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martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

The Influenza. A- H1N1. Viru s. This has been made by the own society.

This in Don Valerio Canché Yah, president of the *Kuch kaab Yéetel J-men Maaya’ob (Counsel of Elders Mayas) words. This is one of the greater contaminations that we can see in this century and that in past centuries have also happen, we called swine flu when is a consequence of the unawareness of the society.
Based on the history of the aborigine people, it is true that each group has suffer the consequences of the epidemic emerging spreads, that has emerge from the mix of races, uses and diets.
These types of epidemics have turned to be with time one more of the ones we already have.
We speak about prevention when the problem is within immigration, the less care of our costumes offices and the lack of an education that encourages the living in the field camps and the use of organic and ecologic production.
If so for our small brothers of Central America, with whom we share cultural and alimentary ways, the entrance to our country places obstacles.
For the United States of America, Asia, European citizens and their products, we do not put any obstacles. Products that have being genetically manipulated, United States citizens that come across the border with just a drivers license, sick or not. They come in our territory without any security measures taken by our authorities, this type of problems are a consequence of the regardless use of chemical products in the fields, the fasten anti natural ways to grow animals and the mix of the uses and dieting ways of food, and also the lack of ecological conscience awareness.
There are many ways to do agricultural wok with natural ways, to leave the chemical products use and to start using again seeds that have not being genetically manipulated.
To do ecologic fields, to respect the life cycles growth of the animals we eat, to reeducate the field workers and to support ecology. This pandemic warning should be a motive which teaches us to take drastic measures in that way.
To prevent this kind of sickness spreads we have to be careful with the products we use in our life, because on a not so long term this has fatal consequences to humanity’s health.
A change in education according to the growing of the countries so that the towns can be self sufficient, a change of consciousness and an educational change are urging, one change in education that takes for granted the life in the country sides and the growth of organic production will enlarge our lives we should invest on our health.
The massive communication media and the failure of the education system are responsible of the actual social problems.
The massive communication Medias have damage our society, they make catastrophes happen, with their way of supposed to be prevention campaigns, they have spread fear, drug addictions, and sickness.
The volunteer strength is important, psychosis far from helping damages, the massive communication media are the ones that spread sickness by spreading fear and psychosis, we should stop living with fear, let’s change our bad habits of life and dieting, lets re educate our children, lets taught them to live in harmony with mother nature, to respect the natural life cycles, organic agriculture and animal raising for consumption, ecology and conscience awareness among with the pride of being part of a country that has been the crave of graters ancestral civilizations.
Lets rise our arms to the sun and call out to Junab K’uj, (creator and former), in union with the human race fight to find the real keepers of common wealth.
The great spirits. The ones whom The Gods depend on. Our selves.

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